Education Fund

Mission Statement

The mission of the Emmanuel Education Fund is to financially support both men and women who attend Emmanuel and are pursuing higher education for the purpose of fulfilling God's calling in their life.


Encourage High School graduates attending Emmanuel to consider attending a Christian College/ University for at least one year by assisting them financially.

Encourage High School graduates attending Emmanuel who are furthering their education through scholarships that would continue to increase each year they attend school as a full time student.


The Educational Fund of Emmanuel Baptist Church is not designed to pay for your education. For this reason we ask all applicants to present to us their financial plan for covering the cost of their education. After looking through all applications, we will assess needs and award scholarships accordingly.

Application for scholarships must be received by the following dates: July 31 for Fall Semester; November 30 for Spring Semester.

While we understand that not all students will enter into full time paid ministry, we do support the call for all believers to minister in whatever place they may work and live. Therefore, all applicants are asked to share where they are currently using their gifts in ministry to others and will be required to continue attending & serving in the local church during their education in order to continue receiving funds.

We require all recipients to maintain a 2.8 GPA.

Funds available for scholarship are completely dependent on donations from members in the church. The level of support we can offer may vary depending on the monies available. It is our hope that after students enter the work force that they too will seek to help others further their education.

Level of scholarships are as follows:

  • Freshman - up to $400 a semester
  • Sophomore - up to $600 a semester
  • Junior - up to $800 a semester
  • Senior - up to $1000 a semester

If you are attending a Christian College/University your scholarship amount would be double for the first year. (For those who may be considering a Christian education the Educational Team has a list of colleges and universities that have been approved.)

These guidelines have been put in place to help encourage you, the student, to see that all we do is to be a reflection of the character of God. He has given His best to us, and we are called to walk "worthy of the calling" in all areas of our lives. As a team if there is anything we can do to help you succeed in your education, or walk with God, please call upon us.

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