Chuck and Carrie Porter
ABWE - Retired

June 2012

Dear folks in Lewiston

We'd like to say with the Apostle Paul: “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ” (Ephesians 1:3). He has certainly blessed us greatly over the years we have served Him together! We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you again for all your faithful prayers and support - your stand with us in our ministries over the years has been a source of great encouragement to us, and we praise the Lord for you! We wanted to share some prayer requests with you - we praise the Lord for all He is doing in and through us may it all be for His glory.

We have been asking prayer regarding the printing of our latest course in Spanish for Theological Education by Extension (TEE) - La Doctrina de Cristo (Doctrine of Christ). Praise the Lord, this course has now been printed and is available for distribution by the Editorial Bautista Independiente (Baptist Spanish Publishing House). Please pray that this course will be used of the Lord for His glory as it is utilized in different extension programs around South America and Central America, and the Caribbean, as well as many other uses different people have for these self-teaching courses. Pray it will be a help to pastors and other Christian leaders. as well as others who will study. and will be a great encouragement to them. Please pray also as we begin work on the next TEE course on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

Our pastor and his family have gone on vacation, so I will be filling in for him for part of the preaching and teaching times, including the Sunday a.m. and p.m. services on the first and eighth of July, and the evening service of June 24. We appreciate your prayers for the pastor and his family as they travel, and for my sharing from the Word of God. that it will be totally guided by the Holy Spirit and will be used of the Lord for His glory alone in the lives of His people and in the salvation of souls.

We continue Bible study ministries with our neighbor, Gary, on Mondays, and with the Cid family on Thursdays or Fridays, depending on their schedule. With Gary we have begun using the ABWE chronological study called The Story of Hope; with the Cids we are studying through the book of Romans. The Cids are going through a difficult time as both Mr. and Mrs. Cid and their daughter, Mari, have lost their jobs. Mrs. Cid has been called back to work on a temporary basis for inventory, but all three of them need good, steady jobs. Thanks for praying regarding this. Their son, Ramon Jr., just finished another year of college and is hoping to be able to have an internship for the summer. All of the Cid family - who are from Cuba - are believers who are growing in the Lord. Our neighbor, Gary, as yet is unsaved. please continue to pray for his salvation.

We continue our ministry at the Anchor servicemen's center on the third Saturday of each month. The Lord always sends in some Marines or those of other branches of the military, and we have a chance to impact their lives for Him. We praise the Lord for those who have received the Lord, and many believers who have been helped and strengthened. Please continue to pray for them and for this ministry. We praise the Lord that after a year or so without a director, the Lord has provided a reservist Army chaplain to work full time at the center. Please pray that he and his wife will be greatly used of the Lord in their ministry at the Anchor.

Please pray for our ministry of proctoring courses for new candidates with our mission who are lacking certain courses before being released to their respective fields. Many of those we have proctored over the years have finished their courses and have gone to their fields of service. It is exciting to receive their updates and to see how the Lord is blessing and using them. We have several who have begun their study but have fallen behind for various reasons. It is difficult to be on ministry and still find the time to dedicate to the study of the courses. Please pray that those who are behind in their studies will be able to catch up and finish.

An important part of our ministry continues to be our involvement with the Horizon International Schools, our ABWE on-line program for training men and women in ministry in many parts of the world in several languages. A key request in this regard has to do with language coordinators for the Spanish and Russian programs. As the Lord has worked, there are thousands of men in Russian-speaking countries who are leading congregations, who have had little or no training in biblical doctrine or in many other basic aspects of the Bible and of the work of the Lord. We would like to have a coordinator to promote the use of our Russian courses in these areas, and who will be able to train the facilitators and proctors to work with those who are studying. The need is overwhelming and the possibilities for great blessing and advancement in these areas are tremendous - thanks for praying that the Lord will work this all out for His glory and for the advancement of His work. Our next board meeting is August 21 - please pray we will have wisdom in the oversight of this ministry.

The Vista flock of our church - Calvary Baptist of Oceanside - continues to meet the first Wednesday of each month. It's been our privilege to lead this flock. About every other month we meet at our house; others have opened their homes for the flock meeting as well. It's always an informal time of study, prayer, and fellowship, which the Lord has used to draw us closer together and to be concerned for one another's needs. Please pray that our ministry with the flock will be used of the Lord for His glory and the blessing of His people.

For the adult Sunday School class we have begun a new series on evangelism and discipleship, based on the "Story of Hope" chronological study mentioned above. Another fellow in the church and I are taking turns presenting this study. Our goal is two-fold - we want to make sure all those in the class understand the chronological biblical events that are foundational to our proper comprehension of the Gospel, and that they are using this knowledge to effectively reach the lost around them and then to lead them and others in biblical discipleship and growth. Sounds like a pretty big order, but we know the Lord is able to work in and through us for His glory! Thanks for praying!

Our church is engaged in a special evangelistic visitation program with the intention of reaching Jewish people and others in our area with the Gospel. Please pray there will be much fruit from this program, for the Lord's gloly. We appreciate your prayers also that God would use the tracts we share on a nearly daily basis, as well as the opportunities we have to witness for Him; we trust many will come to know the Lord. We have previously asked prayer for Ken, the Jewish believer who is in a nursing home; he is currently on hospice care and almost totally unresponsive. Thanks for praying for Ken in these last days of his life here on earth.

As to family news, our first great-grandchild, Kaylee, was born on April 27th to Melody and Troy Rankin. Melody is Pam and Tim's daughter. Of course Kaylee is an extra cute baby! We praise the Lord for a safe delivery and a healthy baby. Thanks for praying for them as they seek to bring her up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Our granddaughter Praise finished her third year at Point Lorna Nazarene University in May, and is working this summer again at the Wave Waterpark here in Vista. She is also taking a summer course for which she travels down each Tuesday. While down there, she takes in a course in Irish just for fun. Gloria, her twin sister, graduated in May with an AA in speech/language pathology assisting from Santa Ana College. She continues to work at Del Taco until she is able to obtain employment in her field.

Our daughter, Lynn continues with her ministry among the deaf and others in Peru. Last week she was in Pevas - the river town where we lived the first ten years or so as we ministered along the Amazon in Peru - where several churches were gathered for a Bible conference. She traveled with a group from the Efata church for the deaf. Thanks for praying for her ministries with the deaf, with a group in a home Bible study on Saturday nights, in Bible studies with several deaf girls, in seeking to set up a ministry to the deaf on the river, and in other opportunities she has to sewe the Lord. We appreciate your prayers for her and all her ministries.

We trust the Lord will bless as you continue to serve Him there in Lewiston.

In His service