Richard and Nancy Teachout
BI - Grand Rapids, Michigan

August 30, 2013

Dear Friend and Partner,

We greet you in Jesus’ Name. The heading says “with Bibles International” and that is still correct. Though our status is now “emeritus”, we continue to minister as “volunteers” and are very thankful for the strength to do this.

We are in the first month of our retirement. We certainly have not seen any lessoning in activity. In the last few weeks we have attended a retirement party at the home of Hantz Bernard, director of BI (pictures at right), have attended the BI field council meetings (picture lower left, worked at the BI office, taught adult SS 4 times, preached 3 times, and tried to catch up on correspondance. The picture of our staff below shows several new couples that have recently joined us.

We are so very thankful for the many letters, cards, and e-mails from friends and supporters who received our last letter and video. We are also very thankful for the churches and individuals who have decided to continue to support us, at least partially. God has been faithful down through all these years in providing for our needs and we can but praise Him as this continues to be true.

June 29, 2013

Greetings in Jesus’ precious name. We trust that the Lord is continuing to bless you and preserve you. We are sure that you look to Him for the strength for each and every day, just as we must do.

We have been greatly blessed during our 44 years with BMM and the different ministries in which we have been able to serve our Lord. We have now come to the time to “slow down”. We are retiring from active status to “emeritus” status with BMM. We will be continuing to help at Bibles International as volunteers and will look to the Lord for other occasions to serve Him.

We had hoped to be able to visit our supporters again to thank them for their partnership in our ministry and for their financial and prayer support, but Nancy has a condition in her neck which makes both car and air travel impossible. We have created a 20 minute DVD which will give you a look back over 50 years of our life and ministry. Just click on the link.


The above link takes you to our video, which is low resolution so that it can be downloaded to your computer.

I am going to quote from the letter that BMM sent to all of our supporters this week:

Richard and Nancy will retire from active missionary service on July 31, 2013. In view of their 44 years of faithful missionary service, the General Council of Baptist Mid-Missions has accorded them the honored title of Emeritus Missionaries. Their ministry has been marked by faithfulness and fruitful service.

Many churches do not have a policy relating to retired missionaries. We have worked with Richard and Nancy to assess their projected living expenses and retirement income. The Teachouts have been faithful to save what they could for retirement. They will receive some income from Social Security and from a small pension. Richard and Nancy will need 20% of their present missionary support during retirement to meet their retirement needs.

Would you prayerfully consider helping by maintaining the Teachouts’ support at 20% of what you were giving during their years of active missionary service? The Mission will continue to maintain an open account for Richard and Nancy as it does for all retired missionaries. Your gifts will be available for their use as they have been during their active missionary career.

It has been my privilege (Larry J. Beckman, Administrator for Missionary Finance, BMM) to have known and worked with Richard and Nancy. They were especially helpful while we were studying French at the University of Laval in Quebec City. They are sincerely thankful for your faithful support. Baptist Mid-Missions’ Home Office will continue to provide the same services that were available to them during their years of active ministry. It usually takes several months after a missionary retires before we know if their ongoing needs are being met. Let us know if we can be of help to you, and please continue to pray for Richard and Nancy, especially for strength as they seek occasions to minister.

March 5, 2013

Greetings from cold and snowy Michigan! I am sitting in my office in Grand Rapids at BI headquarters and most of my thoughts and work concerns people and projects in much warmer lands! Thank you for your part in our ministry and that of Bibles International. This month we have several praise notes to share with you:

  1. God has continued to give Nancy and I the health necessary for continued service and we praise His Name. We will appreciate your continued prayers that our health will continue to be good.

  2. We indicated with our last letter that Bibles International was experiencing monthly short-falls in its financing. We praise God that the last three months has seen an increase in incoming gifts and have each shown a positive balance. Please pray that this will continue.

  3. January through May are the months with the most displacements of our staff missionaries to foreign lands for concentrated work with national translators on their individual projects. So far God has provided safety in travelling and progress in the projects. To illustrate the travel part, one of our missionaries just returned from Asia. He was in 6 airports in 6 time-zones in just 36 hours! He did not mention how much sleep he had. To illustrate the concentrated work, I will quote from a quick report from Dr Connie Champion who, with her family, are in Myanmar working on three different languages, Hakha-Chin, Tedim-Chin, and Falam-Chin. Here is a very recent quick report: 

    This week is like last week on fast forward. Had my last day with Tedim yesterday, Falam comes today for one last day and Hakha starts tomorrow. Got almost 20% of the Tedim done, now I just need to finish marking their word list so they can try to do the rest on their own.

  4. We have had excellent reports back recently from good progress in translating projects in Chad, CAR, the Phillippines, PNG, India, and Myanmar. We thank God for each of these.
December 10, 2012

We greet you again at Christmas time. The words above are taken from several Scriptures and they are true. The world around us has gone mad, taking Christ out of Christmas and mocking those who believe in Him for their salvation and for their hope and their peace. For the world, the “holidays” are all about lights and gifts. For us, Christmas is about the Son of God who came to be the “light” of the world, coming as the “gift” of God. We are thankful for each of our friends who has believed and has helped us down through the years as we have worked in several mission fields to preach the glorious gospel of Christ.

The Lord has given us a good year and we thank you for your prayers. Though we had some health issues, we were able to continue our ministries throughout, both in Bibles International and also for six months as interim pastor of a small struggling church nearby.

Since a great many of you have been our friends and supporters for over 40 years now, many have prayed for both our ministry and also for our family. Therefore we are adding one sheet to this letter with pictures of all of our grandchildren and most of their parents. Wherever we have served, in Africa, in France, in Quebec, and here in Michigan, our family has not only been a joy to us as they came to us and left us to marry and begin their lives, but a responsibility and you have helped us with your financial and prayer support. Thank you very much.

November 5, 2012

Dear Friends and Helpers,

October is always a busy month, both for us individually, and also for the whole Bibles International Staff, sometimes frantically so. Thank you for partnering with us in our work of Bible translation.

This year we prefaced our October with a two week trip, during which we were able to visit our home church in Pensylvania and enjoy a restful time. This is a place where we have lived in the past and where we often walked a beautiful pathway by a small lake.This time we thoroughly enjoyed the walks and the time spent with a nephew and his family and with many old friends. We had the oportunity to share with the church the ministry to which God has called us.

When we arrived back to our home in Coral, the first thing we did was to share in a missionary conference with a church in New Jersey that has supported us for almost 45 years. We could not be present with them, but using skype, we could see them and communicate to them a report of our work. Then, along with the BI Staff, we plunged into the preparation of our annual Harvest Dinner.We thank the Lord for giving us a very successful evening. The staff was able to prepare an excellent program which featured 5 Bible translation projects in Central and South America. An excellent meal and fine time of fellowship was enjoyed by all. We were able in our preparations to find sponsors for the cost of the dinner so that every bit of the evening’s offering would be divided among those 5 projects. At a time when many organizations are suffering financially, we were very happy to welcome over 700 enthusiastic BI supporters! The Lord touched hearts so that the offering for these 5 projects was almost $41,000.

New SPECIFIC prayer request. We need your help in a very practical way. Our last BI annual report (in August) showed that our “outgo” exceeded our “incoming” in a significant way. Our donor base has shrunk with the difficult economic times and our expenses have increased with all the projects that were finished and presented last year. We really need to increase our “incoming”, as yet more translated projects will be finished this year. We are praying for $100 per month of new support from 100 churches or persons, or “100X100” which should bring us back to a sound financial basis. Anyone can be a part of this with either $100 per month gift to Bibles International or any part of $100, such as $50 or $25. Please pray for our 100X100 program. We have already started on this, with 6 participants for $600. Praise the Lord. If you have a question, please e-mail us.