Unto Me

UntoMeLogo.jpg Please enjoy our video from our most recent visit to Haiti in spring of 2012. On this visit we worked with our new friends in Haiti to build a new roof on their Church. This church is attended by the orphans and orphanage staff of Good Neighbor Orphanage and is a amazing community that is alive and seeking Christ! In our week we had the opportunity to get to know our new friends, work along side, and build lasting bonds and memories. We stayed at the orphanage, and in the evenings it was common for us to enjoy some time with the orphans in that community. The kids were especially fond of playing Angry Birds, and soccer with Pastor John.


  • To educate the Church on the needs of the orphan
  • To support families who wish to or already have fostered or adopted
  • To provide for the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of orphans

Ways to be Involved

Where is God calling you?

  • Volunteeer with Homes of Hope (http://www.homesofhopeproject.org). They need people willing to help sort supplies in their Hope Room, provide respite care, provide meals, coordinate events, construction projects, and mentoring/tutoring. All these are ways to help local foster kids.
  • Sponsor a Child's eduction and medical care in Haiti (http://www.goodneighbororphanage.org)
  • Join us in March of 2013 to visit Good Neighbor Orphanage
  • Help with a summer camp for local foster children in our valley. (RFKC)
  • Pray for adoptive and foster families that you know.