Haiti Orphanage

Emmanuel has been blessed with 3 adopted children from Haiti as members of its community, and over the years has developed a heart for the people of Haiti. They live in dire conditions, with the average person making less than $2 per day while the cost of living would rival or exceed costs in the USA. Despite these conditions, the people we have become friends with over the years are remarkable having a strong faith for God and remarkable love and compassion for their friends. We have been blessed with involvement in going to Haiti, and we will continue to go build those bonds.

Please enjoy our most recent video showing some of the experiences from our trip in 2012. The music is courtesy of the children in Good Neighbor Orphanage, who sung for our team for about 45 minutes.


In 2010 Haiti was struck with a 7.0M earthquake.; Due to the time of day, poor building standards, and extreme poverty the earthquake was a terrible catastrophe killing more than 300,000; leaving 1,000,000 homeless; and causing deep impact to their already poor economy. (Visit Wikipedia for some good information) Emmanuel has congregation members that have adopted from Haiti, and has a heart for orphans. We could not stand by, and within weeks had mobilized a team of 6 to go to Haiti to see friends and help with reconstruction. The situation was dire, and we were deeply moved by the extent of damage to humanity.

Since our visit in 2010, Emmanuel has continued to long to be back in Haiti. In 2011, we did not visit, but members of our congregation did visit Good Neighbor Orphanage, a Haitian-run orphanage that is providing for the daily needs of 30 orphans. In 2012, we had our chance and sent 6 team members to Good Neighbor Orphanage. There we worked with new friends in Haiti to build a roof on their local Church. It is a fantastic story of how God is working; when GNO moved in across from a local voodoo Temple the voodoo priest lost his power and asked if GNO would buy his Temple. The orphanage purchased the temple and worked with their surrounding community to make it into a church. On our visit we built a new roof over their church and worked alongside members of that church community. We shared their food, experiences, scripture and worked alongside them. We built new lasting bonds with members of that community and we are looking forward to our next trip.