EBC Students - Bible Read Through

What is a Bible Read Through Group?

A group of Christians who have committed themselves to reading through the Bible, supporting and encouraging each other, and sharing what they are learning. 

What is the goal?

To read through the whole Bible, focusing on a chosen theme, and to growing the ability to minister to others by sharing what is being learned. 

Why do we follow a theme?

By following a particular theme, each member of the group, whether new on their spiritual journey or far along will discover....................
.....what the whole Bible has to say about a particular topic
.....that they have important insights to share with the group
.....that following a theme helps to focus attention while reading.

Each member of the group is free to choose a theme that appeals to him/her personally:
something that they have questions about
an aspect of God's character that is unfamiliar to them
an aspect of their own character that needs development

In other words, what does the Bible have to say about......?
Love, joy, mercy, peace, rest/stress, forgiveness, prayer, holiness, obedience, creation, blood, salvation, power, miracles, listening, promises,         healing, confrontation, wisdom, grace, discipline of life, discipline of God, feasting/fasting, leadership, servanthood, communication, the                tongue, the role of women, the role of men, patience, heart of God, etc.

How many people are in each group?

A group of 3-5 is ideal. This allows each member to have about 15-20 minutes to share each week, with about 10 minutes at the end for prayer requests. (When the group grows to 6 or more, it's time to split into two groups).

How long should we meet?

Somewhere between 1-2 hours a week. Start and stop on time, to honor those on tight schedules. Commit yourselves to at least 3 months, but consider reforming groups after a year. Remember, one of the goals is to grow new groups. This helps to maintain a freshness and vitality within our spiritual lives. 

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